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One thing I would grab if the house was burning down..Number One Id grab myself , My Tower Cd Burner, All My SmileyCamm Video's and All my Plantation Music. I tried to pick one but that's a hard choice to choose between my material prize passions. The only other way that I can just pick only one is myself, the house is burning its time to split! As for them other items, Get them without endangering my life but music is my life so The SmileyCamm Most Def gets picked first then I'll go running for the Cd's And Tower Last! Do I Have Time To Flip A Coin!

SmileyCamm T-Shirt. Donations and Purchases Pays For the Venue.
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This is a proposal to explore the opportunity for  SmileyLongWorld ENTERTAINMENT to provide a unique and innovative evening attraction.  The major difference between the SmileyLongWorld Entertainment and other traditional “Entertainment Companys”  it’s fresh flavor.